“Having a friend in the Lions and learning of the good works carried out by them made me feel I should join and do my bit”

“The camaraderie between the Club Members is great and I’m proud to be a Lion”

“What being a Lion means to me can be summed up by the joy Christmas door to door collections brings to so many youngsters”

“Being a Lion means we can help people and groups in our local area and with national and international disasters. Seeing how we help gives such great personal pleasure”

“I joined the Lions to get to know people in Bexhill as we had recently moved here. We now have lots of friends. More importantly we wanted to be part of the community and get involved in helping others who are not as fortunate as us”” I love getting involved in local activities and being a member is another area where I can help people. What attracted me to becoming a member was how active the group was and how much they are doing to help the local community”.

“It’s good fun working and socializing with like minded people with common objectives. long may it continue.”

” Sue Cassell : “.. After a few months I can now see how much the Lions contribute to Bexhill. It is amazing the amount of money raised and all the great work that the Lions do to help local charities and good causes.”

Clare Kersley: “I’m really impressed with the work the Lions are doing in Bexhill and the support they are giving to the community here. I think it’s excellent, not just that they raise so much money each year for local charities and groups, but that 100% of the money raised is given back out.”

Nick Porter, “I would fully encourage others to join the Lions too. I’ve been involved in some really fun charitable work. The welcome I’ve received from the Lions’ team has been brilliant; they’re a great bunch and really support you to settle in….it’s a great way to spend some time”.