Charlotte is a 16 year old, who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Until recently she was a full time wheelchair user as she cannot stand or sit. She is transferred into her bed and bath by a hoist.

Her dedicated mum Julie contacted Bexhill Lions Club asking if they could help with special needs equipment. Julie explains “The Lions Santa sleigh visited our street last December and I asked if Santa and his Elf could say hello to Charlotte, who was in her bed. She was so delighted to see them and for weeks after she was still talking about it. Lion Liz, the elf, said we could apply to the Lions if there was any special equipment that was needed.”

As Charlotte had to spend her time in bed, she could not enjoy watching TV and spending time with family and friends in the living room. The solution was a special chair designed for a range of users who require a combination of comfort, pressure management and posture control. The Porta Chair was selected as it offered the necessary support for muscle tone, ability to combat fatigue and adjustable height for transfer which was critical. It offers a wide range of positions for different activities through the day. It can be operated by a controller and comes with wheels.

Following a detailed assessment and measurement by the manufacturer and the Occupational Therapist, a bespoke configuration was proposed. Bexhill Lions, who had been involved throughout the process, agreed to fund the chair.

This was recently delivered and Charlotte is delighted with her new found freedom and being able to be part of the family and enjoy time with her friends.

Mum Julie said “The chair will help Charlotte integrate in the family easily. Usually by the time she comes home from school, she goes to bed to seek comfort. Spending all day in a wheelchair is not always comfortable at the best of times. The chair will mean that she can sit and watch tv and socialise with us as a family for the first time, instead of being isolated in her bed. We are extremely thankful to the Bexhill Lions Club”.


  1. Sue says:

    So very lovely. Very pleased indeed that this chair will make a real difference to such a wonderful family.