A life saving defibrillator is now available at Bexhill Academy thanks to the generosity of the Supporters of Bexhill Academy and Bexhill Lions Club. The two groups have funded this much needed critical piece of equipment.

Receiving the defibrillator on behalf of the Academy, Tracey Holden, of the Supporters of Bexhill Academy, said “ We are delighted that we now have this unit and that it is available not only to support 1,500 students and staff during school hours , but also the ever increasing numbers of  people who attend sports, theatre and other events out of hours.”

Mike Dean, Bexhill Community First Responders(BCFR), who advised the Academy added, “Recent TV programmes highlighted the need for a defibrillator to be readily available on school premises due to the number of teenagers that die each year due to undiagnosed heart issues. The units are simple to use and save lives”

Trudy Hillman, Student Guidance Manager commented “It is readily available in the reception area and we will be ensuring that everybody knows where it is. In addition staff will receive training from Mike Dean, which they can pass on to others emphasising the safe and ease of use.

Lion President Paul Fleming, in co-presenting the defibrillator said “We know that the survival rate from sudden cardiac arrest is directly linked to defibrillation. Applying a controlled shock within 5 minutes of collapse provides the best chance of survival. We are therefore very pleased to be partners with the Supporters of Bexhill Academy in providing this equipment. As we said at our recent awareness day, they are shockingly simple to use”.

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BCFR can be contacted on 07557 439363 or visit