According to the world health organisation 32,000,000 children worldwide suffer from a disabling hearing loss. The Total global production of hearing aids meets less than 10% of the requirement.

Bexhill Lions Club together with support from other local Lions Clubs has launched a new initiative to collect unwanted hearing aids, refurbish them and send to those in need around the world

Lions Used Hearing Equipment Programme deaf aware

The Lions involvement in helping those who are hearing impaired dates back to 2003. Now a national project, the Hearing Forum, provides training and talks to help improve deaf awareness.

One of the most effective ways Lions help people who have hearing loss or who are hard of hearing is through its hearing aid recycling program. In 2013 over 56,000 hearing aids were collected in the South East, processed and sent to over 40 different countries to enhance the lives of adults and children.

Bexhill Hearing Centre has supported this programme over a number of years. This has led to a new joint initiative with seven local Lions Clubs. Bexhill Hearing Centre will provide and place collecting boxes in towns stretching from Rye to Eastbourne, and the local Lions Clubs in those areas will collect the donated hearing aids and forward them for recycling. They are actively seeking outlets to hold the collecting boxes.

Oticon,the manufacturer of hearing solutions has donated 10,000 batteries. The newly refurbished hearing aids will then make their way around the world to support projects dedicated to assisting hearing impaired children and adults.

Bexhill Lions Club is involved in raising funds for good causes, organising events, providing support for individuals or groups, helping its partners and responding pro-actively wherever and whenever it can. Members live locally and understand the unique needs of the community.

Richard Winrow, Lions’ Zone Chairman – “We are delighted to be partnering with Bexhill Hearing Centre and Oticon to help those with hearing impairment. Many thousands of people will now enjoy hearing the Sounds of Life we take for granted, with many hearing for the first time in their lives.”

Matthew Hellier, Audiologist at Bexhill Hearing Centre commented “In 2012 I spent Christmas in Tanzania, Africa volunteering with a charity who supported homeless street children, providing health care, education, food and eventually homes. Whilst there I met a number of children and adults with disabling conditions which would be easily treated in the UK. I was lucky enough to fit some hearing aids and will always remember the face of an overjoyed young girl called Amini, who after being fitted with an old unwanted hearing aid, could for the first time hear her teacher at the front of the class; her education being what mattered most to her! Since then I have been looking for a project to help those who need it most; hopefully this will do just that.”

Bexhill Hearing Centre can be contacted on 01424733030 or visit their website www.BexhillHearingCentre.com