The Lions Club was approached by local resident Anthony Perkins in August, through its website. He explained that he had recently moved into a bungalow but the lawn was uneven and full of potholes and the flower beds were overgrown. He suffers from Ataxia Cerebellum, which impacts his speech, balance and co-ordination and as such it was dangerous. He uses a walking frame and mobility scooter.

Lions Steve Allen and Richard Winrow visited Anthony to assess the need. Anthony had made a great effort over a 2 month period to clear some of the weeds from one area, painstakingly on his hands and knees – a real credit to his perseverance, motivation and desire to be as independent as possible.

The Lions decided to help Anthony and Lion Steve lead the task. He said “We got a small team together (Lions Sue Cassell, Colin Rands, Gordon Quamby and Richard Winrow). We earmarked some funds to clear the borders, remove an ugly redundant concrete post, lay a weed supressing membrane, plant trees and shrubs and then a stone mulch to make it an attractive but a low maintenance space for Anthony. I took him to the garden centre to pick the plants and membrane, which he contributed to.”

Lion Colin commented “The really hard work was the last phase when we shifted 2 tons of stones 100ft into the borders and levelled it. Amazingly we did it in just over a couple hours and then enjoyed a cuppa from Anthony”.

Anthony is delighted with his garden and several neighbours have visited for a viewing. He said “I didn’t know much about the Lions but was told by a registered blind lady they might be able to help. They had erected a fence to provide a safe area for her guide dog Wallace.

I decided to send a brief note to them, not expecting a positive response. The following morning Steve and Richard came round and within days the Lions said they could help. Steve kept me informed of progress right up to the day they transformed my garden from a mess to something I can use and be proud of. Thank you Lions so very much”

Lion President Nick Porter added “It was very obvious early on that Anthony took a lot of pride in his garden. We were very happy to help him have somewhere he can enjoy for many years. We plan a phase 2 next spring to lay a new flat lawn, so important to help Anthony with his balance. A job well done”