Draw for sight was another successful day for Bexhill Lions Club as well as local charity “Homecall”  Lots of money raised thanks to our Sponsors, Advertisers, and those who helped before on and after the event. We intend staging this event in 2017 but earlier in the season to hopefully have better weather.  Thanks to the competitors this year and watch this space for more news in early 2017.



On Sunday 25th September stroll, cycle, roller blade or scooter your way to 5 checkpoints along the seafront, draw a card at each, then make up your best poker hand for your chance to win prizes. Take time to enjoy the view, it’s not a race.

Profits from this event will go to Homecall, helping the blind and partially sighted in Bexhill, and to local good causes supported by the Bexhill Lions Club.

Start/Finish on the De La Warr terrace TN40 1DP. Start any time after registration opens at 10.00. Play your best 5 cards by 15.00. Prize giving at  15.45.

Only £3.00 to enter! Free under 16s fun version (with a participating adult)

Draw for Sight – how it works

  • Visit Registration on the terrace at the De La Warr Pavillion to sign in, buy your scoresheet and have it stamped. You can choose to buy a spare scoresheet if you like. (Maximum of 2 scoresheets per person). Scoresheets cost £3.00 each. Registration opens at 10.00.
  • At Registration, you can also choose to pay £1.00 to pick a random spare card for your scoresheet. This might come in handy later in making up a better poker hand if your main 5 cards turn out to be poor.
  • You will be given a map to show you where the 5 draw stations (checkpoints) are located. They are all on the Bexhill seafront walkway. Visit them in any order you like.
  • At each draw station, pick a random playing card from a pack for free. Your card will be recorded on your scoresheet before being returned to the pack. Your scoresheet will be stamped by a Draw for Sight marshal.
  • After you have visited all 5 draw stations you will have 5 playing cards recorded on your scoresheet, plus a spare card if you chose to buy one at Registration. You can then choose your best 5-card poker hand and write this in at the top of your scoresheet.
  • Return to Registration with your completed scoresheet and hand it in before 15.00. Scoresheets handed in after 15.00 cannot be accepted.
  • All handed in scoresheets will then be ranked and verified and the highest hands will win prizes. Prize giving will be at 15.45.
  • If two or more people have the same winning hands, there will be a tie breaker. This will take the form of cutting a pack of cards – highest card wins.
  • There is a time limit for Draw for Sight but it is not a race. Registration opens at 10.00 and you must submit your scoresheet by 15.00. Everyone has an equal chance of winning and winning is a matter of chance. There is no bank.
  • Our Draw for Sight poker run is open to over 16s. Under 16s can take part in our free Happy Families version instead, as long as they are accompanied by an adult who is taking part in our Draw for Sight poker run.
  • Pick up a Happy Families sheet at Registration. The sheet shows 12 different family characters. The characters are shown as outlines so you can colour them in however you like.
  • At each draw station, pick a character card at random from a Happy Families pack. Spot that character on your sheet, get your sheet stamped by the Draw for Sight marshal and return the card to the pack. Character cards are in full colour so you can see how the characters look.
  • When you have been to all 5 draw stations you will have collected a family of 5 characters on your sheet.
  • Show your completed Happy Families sheet at Registration to pick up a small prize.



  1. SMEAdmin says:

    Fantastic! Rachel, SME

  2. Rick Hough says:

    Good job Bexhill Lions nice to see this event back again this year