Bexhill Lions Club has continued its support of Bexhill Academy’s annual exhibition of GCSE artwork by awarding a trophy for “Best in Show” artwork. This was voted on by those who attended the special viewing on Wednesday 22nd June.

The Academy put on an excellent exhibition of artwork by their GCSE students which was attended by over 100 people.

The theme this year was “The past, Present and/or the Future” The winner was Victoria Izzard, a year 10 student with a stunning drawing of of an aviator.

Mr Quentin Carver Carpenter, Lead Practitioner Art & Design, said he was delighted by the number of people who had come to view the exhibition and how very pleased he was with the high quality of work from the students, which included both course work and examination pieces.He thanked Bexhill Lions Club for sponsoring the Art Award which recognises artistic and creative talent of these young students.The event was attended by Lions Sue, Phil, Colin and Richard.

Last years’ winner, Amy Streets, went on to win first prize in her category at a major competition for all schools in East Sussex.

Image features Lions members Colin, Phil, & Sue;

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