Where/when do the Bexhill Lions meet?

We hold our Business meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Cooden Beach hotel at 8pm. These  are open to members and guests. If you would like to attend just call Lion Rick on 0845 833 9591

How many members are in the Club?

There are currently 33 members.

Who can join a Lions Club?

Membership is open to anyone aged 18yrs or over who shows a willingness to work as part of a team. Members come from all ethnic, social backgrounds, and creeds. The Lions movement is apolitical and secular. Bexhill Lions Club is a mixed gender club.

Can I attend meetings without being a paid-up member?

Yes, by invitation. Normally a potential member would be invited to attend  one of the committee meetings and then one or more business meetings prior to receiving an invitation to apply for membership.

How much will membership cost me per year?

Cost of membership is £70.00 per year. £35.00 paid bi-annually in January and July.

Are there any other hidden expenses I will incur, through membership?

You will be invited to attend functions at Club and Zone level these are totally voluntary. These functions, usually dinners are priced at market rates. At our business meeting there is a raffle at £1 per ticket. The “Tail Twister” can fine

members for any reason they can think of! The amount of the fine is up to the member and  the money raised goes towards administration costs. are a few additional costs, such as using your car to attend functions and events or purchasing a raffle ticket at meetings

Time Commitment  Obviously being a member of the Lions club is going to take up some of your time, but it is understood that your family and work come first. After that you give What time you can. There is a Business meeting each month for all members. The various committees also meet monthly. There are social events during the year.

How do you decide what Fundraising events to hold?

We have a fundraising committee coordinated by the Fund Raising Chairman which meets once a month at a members home. This group makes recommendations which are then put to the Club membership for approval – or not

How do you distribute funds?

Funds are awarded to worthy causes by a consensus of the members. The Communities Services Chairman and committee meet monthly and make their recommendations and present these at the next Business meeting . Club Members are asked to vote and if carried, the agreed sum is allocated to the worthy cause.The trustees formally approve the donations.

Where do you distribute funds?

Priority is placed on supporting the needy or deserving causes within the Bexhill area. Some funds are allocated to Lions International causes as approved by Club members. The Lions Movement does not recognise any boundaries to its area of donations. All proposals or applications are considered on a case by case basis.

Does the Club hold any social activities?

Yes, part of our philosophy is to encourage a mix of social activities for members, family and friends. Some events are held with other Clubs. The Bexhill Lions Social Secretary organises suppers, visits and outings, etc for the members. These functions may be held in conjunction with other Lions Clubs.Costs are

always at rates competitive with any other social function.

Is it mandatory to purchase any Club related items ?

Members wear a burgundy jumper/polo shirt for business related events and a yellow polo shirt for fundraising events.

How can I contact the Secretary?

The Secretary is Lion Rick who can be

contacted at: rickhough@me.com